Private In-Home Dog Training

Servicing all areas in the greater Adelaide region

We can tailor training sessions to work around you. In home training session details:

  • 1:30 hour duration
  • each session is $230
  • includes on going phone and email support
  • additional home visits are charged at $150 per hour

In home sessions are ideal for real world training. If theres a specific issue that is happening in or around the home, then a in home consult might be the best option.

The benefits of in home training:

  • Real-Life Application: In-home training allows your Crafty Canine to practice behaviours and commands in the context of your daily life. This ensures that the training is not just a set of isolated exercises but rather something that can be seamlessly integrated into your dog’s everyday routines.
  • Individualised Problem Solving:  there may be unique challenges and problems that need to be addressed during training. During the in home training session Jaimie can observe these behaviours firsthand and provide immediate solutions, helping you effectively manage any issues that arise.
  • Bonding Opportunities: Training sessions in your home environment provide valuable bonding opportunities between you and your dog. You can actively participate in the training process, strengthening your connection and communication with your dog.
  • Convenience: In-home training eliminates the need for travel to a training facility, saving you time and effort. It also allows you to address specific issues that may be related to your home environment.