Meet Jaimie

“I believe in a balanced approach to dog training”…

Jaimie LeBon, Certified Trainer

Jaimie is a NDTF-certified balanced dog trainer and behaviour specialist, he is an active member of IACP and has 5 years hands-on industry experience, focusing on dog care, behaviour, exercise, training, and enrichment.

Growing up in a household filled with a menagerie of animals, Jaimie’s’ passion for all creatures great and small was ignited at an early age. From fluffy Pekingese to spirited cattle dogs and charming pugs, his family home was a haven for a diverse range of animal companions, including the loveable guinea pigs, or “cavies” as they’re known in show circles. However, it was a remarkable German Shepherd named Jess who profoundly influenced his journey towards becoming a dog trainer.

Jess and Jaimie shared an extraordinary bond. They were inseparable, and their adventures together were countless. But fate had a cruel twist in store for us. One fateful day, while Jaimie was living in Queensland, the sky unleashed a tempestuous thunderstorm, a common occurrence in the region. Jaimie was en route to check on Jess when he turned a corner and found her standing in the middle of the street, trembling with fear. Their eyes met, and Jaimie desperately called her name, but the storm had her in its grip. She bolted into the nearby bushland, disappearing from sight.

Jaimie searched the night for Jess, his heart heavy with worry, but she remained elusive. The next morning, the phone rang, and the news he dreaded came: Jess had been found, but it was too late. She had been struck by a car during that harrowing storm, and there was no saving her.

Jess’s tragic loss weighs heavily on Jaimie’s heart, especially now that he’s a qualified dog trainer. He often reflects on how he might have aided her if only circumstances had been different. If he had spent more time with desensitization training and engagement Jaimie believes he may have been able to save her.

Our dogs aren’t just pets; they are cherished members of our families. Losing them to preventable tragedies is a heartbreak Jaimie wishes no one had to endure.

Through Jaimie’s experience and the profound connection, he had with Jess, he’s dedicated himself to ensuring the well-being of dogs and strengthening the bonds between humans and their canine companions. Join Jaimie in this mission as we celebrate our four-legged family members and work together to keep them safe, happy, and thriving.